SFPGA Foundation Trustees

SFPGA Foundation Trustees

The South Florida PGA Foundation is thankful for all of the generous support from partners that allow us to continue to run life-changing programs like PGA HOPE and Smiling Fore Life. And new in 2019, we are excited to bring in new partners.The foundation of charitable organizations are built on the generous support of others. And for the South Florida PGA Foundation, trustees serve as the rebar that upholds the financial foundation and provides substantial support for all our various programs.

As our foundation continues to grow, increasing in participation and programming, we have a greater need for that support. That is why we are so thankful for our first SFPGA Foundation Trustee, Pat DePirro, the CEO of BirdieBox.  A long-time partner of the Section, DePirro has provided tee gifts, insight and even participated in a few events. However, DePirro is very much looking forward to coming alongside the SFPGA Foundation for the next five years making a $10,000 annually.

“The idea of being a trustee and getting to see where your funds go and see the impact on the community and the lives change,” compelled DePirro to accept the invitation to be a Foundation Trustee.  Being from Miami, Pat knows of the difference the Foundation is making in south Florida; but having the opportunity to see it, touch it and feel the impact gave him a greater sense of commitment to his south Florida community.

 “Community, integrity, fair play, getting active and supporting the less fortunate,” DePirro used these descriptors for the South Florida PGA Foundation staff and their values which played a large role in his decision to invest in them and in return the Foundation.  “It’s a great time for a message of unity,” continued DePirro, explaining why now more than ever others should consider investing in the South Florida PGA Foundation.

DePirro is looking forward to attending Foundation programs, such as PGA HOPE Miami which offers free golf instruction to military veterans, and put a face to the title. DePirro is committed to making a return on his investment in the Foundation, ensuring that he is not just a financial investor but also with his time and energy. Looking to the future, we have our sights set on more trustees and increasing the supports of our be the groundwork of our mission to change lives through the south Florida community through the game of golf. To learn more about our Foundation click here now for more information. To learn more information about the Foundation and how you can get involved click here, or contact the Section office at 561-729-0544.