Congratulations to the six PGA Professionals that were included in Golf Magazin'es Top 100 Teachers in America. Since 1991, GOLF’s Top 100 Teachers in America franchise has been considered an industry standard for recognizing excellence in coaching. 2019 is a historic year , because 16 new teachers have joined the list, including President of the PGA, Suzy Whaley. While also inducting five new teachers into our Hall of Fame, including two of our own members. Please recognize the PGA Professionals from our Section, that were featured in this esteemed list. 

Congratulations & "Thank You" to all of our great instructors that challenge our PGA Professionals to continue to bring their best game to the lesson tee! 

To view the complete list click HERE now.

From Golf - How We Pick Our Top 100s
The biennial process is powered by the Top 100 Teachers Credentials Committee, and is the only national golf instructor search that combines outside academic and PGA peer review.Candidates are screened against 15 baseline criteria, including their teaching experience and accomplishments, student portfolio and peer ratings, along with their overall commitment to the growth of the game, both through volunteerism and their ability to use digital platforms. In addition to a public application, candidates are nominated by the PGA, LPGA and United States Golf Teachers Federation, among others. The committee reviews 250 applications, on average, before selecting the new members.