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Smiling Fore Life Spring Fling

March 24th, 2018


Putting through a loop-de-loop was just one of the many activities featured at the annual Spring Fling for Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida this past Saturday. Provided to hundreds of children and their families, this carnival is created to get all in attendance outside and celebrate the oncoming season. Several volunteers and vendors provided games, crafts, sweet treats and celebrated all in attendance. In addition to the dance party, cupcake decorating and silent auction, our very own Smiling Fore Life program entertained Golisano’s patients and families throughout the evening.

Robin Albright, a local PGA Professional that has served Smiling Fore Life for the last two years in Fort Myers brought out all the stops for this year’s Spring Fling. Instead of the usual weekly visit and providing an hour of adaptive golf to the kids visiting Golisano, Albright had the chance to interact with many new and a few familiar faces. Using SNAG Golf equipment and many various targets, a simulated mini golf course was set up in the hospital’s lobby and had many excited participants vying for a trinket from the treasure chest. Giving instruction when possible, but for the most part it was all fun and games for Albright. Similar to the Halloween party hosted by the hospital, many more seasonal and holiday celebrations allow our team of PGA Professionals to provide additional golfing opportunities to patients and their families.

Just last year, the South Florida PGA Foundation was able to reach 1,100 patients across five different health care facilities through Smiling Fore Life. To learn more about this program click here now. To see pictures covering the event click here now.