The SFPGA GolfPass is celebrating 25 years of offering accessed golf throughout south Florida! 



  • $55 - 1 GolfPass Book
Please note, International purchases will result in an additional $10 fee for shipping purposes

*Please see below note if you are having issues logging in. 


  • $110 - 2 GolfPasses
  • $165 - 3 GolfPasses
  • $220 - 4 GolfPasses

*Please see below note if you are having issues logging in. 
If you have any specific mailing instructions, please make sure you include a note the "mailing information for staff" area on the purchase page.

We are using a brand new registration system this year. If you are having issues purchasing online select “I am not a GolfPass Member”. This will allow you to purchase without logging in.

Additional Group Rates (5+):
  • $50 per person for 5 or more
  • $45 per person for 10 or more
  • $40 per person for 25 or more
In order to take advantage of the 5 or more group rates you must contact the SFPGA at 561-729-0544. Name, address, email and phone for each individual will be requested and asked to be sent via email, fax or mail.

Additional Methods of Purchasing
  • Visit a retail location - view participating locations HERE
  • Mail in your application found in the GolfPass Brochure to:
    • South Florida PGA / 186 Atlantis Blvd. / Atlantis, FL 33462
    • Applications can be obtained by calling the SFPGA office at 561-729-0544

Methods of Payment

  • Credit Card - Discover / Visa / Mastercard / AMEX - Online orders ONLY
  • Check – when ordered via mail or SFPGA Section Office
  • Cash – when ordered at a retail location or SFPGA Section Office ONLY
NOTE: This year credit card orders may not be accepted over the phone due to PCI compliance regulations ensuring the purchasers personal privacy and safety.

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