2020 Section Secretary Election

2020 Section Secretary Election

Paul Clivio, PGA

Years of PGA Membership: 13
Years as SFPGA Member: 20

Committee Experience: Chapter Awards Commitee
Chapter/Section Board Experience: 
Chapter Secretary  2014-2016
Chapter Vice President 2016-2018
Chapter President 2018-2020
Why are you seeking this leadership postion for the South Florida PGA?

It has been very rewarding for me to serve on the Chapter board over the past six years helping build a strong bond between the chapter and the community as well as a strong camaraderie between our members. During the time I served we expanded committees to get more chapter members involved. It will be my goal to continue to do this at the Section level and to bring new ideas that will help grow the game and unite all three chapters as one. The PGA of America has many resources available to help its members and it would be a goal of mine to help our Section members realize  how these can help them move along in their career path. As a board member of the Chapter I was able to increase the participation in community activities which has resulted in positive exposure for PGA members. I would love to continue that at the Section level and make our brand even stronger.
What skill set will you bring to the board?
Experience. Over the past six years I have had the opportunity to sit in the Section boardroom and help make decisions that were best for our Section and Chapter members. Nothing can prepare you for serving in the Section board so having that experience has helped me to fully understand our governance structure and how I can influence decisions that will help the entire Section. I realize that every Section member is in a different situation and when we make these decisions we need to make them so they are in the best interests of all our members as well as our Section. I am a strong leader who is always looking to push the game forward with new ideas and I surround myself with other PGA Professionals who have the same desire and values. Over the past six years as a chapter board member, I have been involved with many of the same aspects that it will take to make me a successful Section Officer. I am a PGA Professional working for other PGA Golf Professionals. 

Bela Nagy, PGA

Years of PGA membership:  24, elected to PGA Membership in May 1996
Years as SFPGA member:  24, since elected to PGA Membership I have worked at Sandridge Golf Club as a proud member of the South Florida Section.
Committee Experience:  Section Junior Committee
Chapter / Section Board Experience:  Eighteen years ago, I started the Florida Municipal Golf Course Association where I organized annual meetings and correspondence amongst the majority of the municipally owned golf courses throughout the entire state of Florida.  This occupied my time and as a result, I did not have the opportunity to serve on either the Chapter or Section Board. 
Why are you seeking this leadership position for the South Florida PGA?  I am at a time in my life and career where I want to leave my mark, and I want to be an active part of the SFPGA Foundation because of the many lives that they touch in our area. I want to take my experience and perspectives gained from the Florida Municipal Golf Association and use it to grow the game and the Section’s involvement and the future of golf because I feel the future growth is in public golf. Being in the northern most part of the Section, I was an active member of the SFPGA tournament program for the past 24 years as well as a tournament host for many SFPGA Junior Tour programs as well as Chapter events at Sandridge Golf Club.  The call to duty began two years ago when my son, Tyler, received the first $20,000 Scholarship from the SFPGA Foundation.  This sparked a fire in me to want to give back to our Section in more ways. 
What skill set will you bring to the board?  My years of experience as a PGA Professional taking our facility at Sandridge Golf Club and growing it into a successful operation have led me to become increasingly passionate about junior golf.  I am a problem solver, philanthropist and leader throughout my years at Sandridge Golf Club.  I have introduced thousands of kids to the game of golf, and I am excited about continuing to grow junior golf within our Section.  I have hosted many Section Junior Tour events and know that I will be a driving force for the increase in participation throughout our Section. We have faced many challenges at our facilities around our Section in the past including this year’s pandemic. I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves and do what is necessary to get the job done, but it also takes a level head and a calm approach to be able to turn any negative situation into a positive solution. Every year, I have given back not only to the Section but also to my community helping raise money for the VNA, Veteran’s Associations, Special Olympics and more.  Last year, I went out of my comfort zone and was part of Dancing with Vero Stars where I was part of a group that raised $500,000 for the Healthy Start Coalition of Indian River County and performed in front of 800 people!