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Home Dedication Celebration

September 8th, 2018

Author: Michelle Goda
Home Dedication Celebration Home Dedication Celebration
 Vero Beach, FL.- Keys equal ownership of all kinds. A sixteen-year-old owning their freedom, a government official gathering their power, or a new home owner claiming a place to build their family. Melissa Arduini, received a key that meant she will own safety and security with her sons in their forever home. The Arduini Family had their Home Dedication ceremony today upon the completion of all building and sweat equity hours. The South Florida PGA Foundation was the financial sponsor of this home, through the Indian River Habitat for Humanity.

With a ribbon covering the front door, waiting to be cut so all may enter in, there was a brief ceremony celebrating the completion of their home. This included statements from the Arduini family, Habitat for Humanity representatives and the South Florida PGA Foundation President Tom Wildenhaus. All spoke about the great efforts that were required to drive nails in the south Florida sun, yet how rewarding it was in the end. Wildenhaus expressed his excitement for Melissa’s family and that this was his favorite day every year to celebrate this homecoming ending with well wishes for her family. A prayer of blessing on the home was led by Reverend Richard Demsick and a bible presented to the home owner per Habitat for Humanity ritual. Finally, the ribbon was cut, and all could enter in and see the fruits of many hours poured into the foundation of this home.

“South Florida PGA Foundation has been such a blessing throughout this process,” said Melissa. “Not only their great financial contribution, but also taking their time to travel to the build site and put in the hours to build my house!” Over the last five months, close to twenty-five PGA Professionals from the South Florida PGA Section volunteered over two hundred hours towards completing this home on Waterside Way. Along with their $50,000 financial contribution to the home, the SFPGA Foundation was able to turn this home into a reality for Arduini which she considers “priceless.”
Every year since 2011, the South Florida PGA Foundation has contributed time and finances to completing a home in seven counties of south Florida. With the intent to complete a home in every county within in the Section boundaries, including Puerto Rico, the Foundation is halfway to their goal of fifteen homes built. Which should result in the SFPGA Foundation donating $750,000 and over 15,000 hours of volunteering by 2026.

Creating a home for the Arduini family is just one of the many functions of the South Florida PGA Foundation. With a mission to serve the south Florida community and change lives through the game of golf and community service, this opportunity fits their purpose. Moving across the country can be hard for any family but living in a safe environment and near family they had lived apart from for many years made the move from Chicago worth it for the Arduini’s. In one word, Melissa described her home building experience as “Rewarding.” Though this experience required a lot of time and hard work, she found it to be worthwhile for her and her family.
To learn more about the South Florida PGA Foundation and how you can help create homes for families like the Arduini’s, please click here now.

About the South Florida PGA Foundation
The South Florida PGA Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded to support the South Florida community, with a focus on junior golf, education, scholarships and charitable gifting. The South Florida PGA Foundation falls under the direction of the South Florida PGA, a not-for-profit organization comprised of over 1,800 men and women PGA Professionals serving as the experts in business and the game of golf.

About Indian River Habitat for Humanity
Seeking to put God’s love into action, Indian River Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, community and hope. Indian River Habitat was affiliated in 1991 and its successful track record has benefited over 800 families in need of simple, decent and affordable homes.  Through homeownership, Habitat empowers working families, providing them with strength, stability and self-reliance.  Indian River Habitat is among top performing affiliates and has been recognized repeatedly as Affiliate of the Year among medium sized Habitat affiliates