Foundation FAQ

Foundation FAQ

Founded in 2004, the South Florida PGA Foundation is dedicated to impacting lives throughout the south Florida community through the game of golf. Since its inception, the Foundation has grown 450%, granting more than $650,000 to local charities, local students and individuals conducting outreach programs. Each year the reach of the Foundation continues to grow, as programs develop and junior golf activities expand.

In 2019, the SFPGA Foundation had 1,300 juniors participate in four different levels of play, 200+ veterans participate in PGA HOPE, 1,100 children receive golf tips from fifteen PGA Professionals through our Smiling Fore Life program, one deserving student received our new Foundation Scholarship for their higher education, nine charities receive grants to support their programs, and one deserving family purchased their very first home supported by the SFPGA Foundation through Habitat for Humanity in Puerto Rico.

As we strive to impact more lives through the programs we administer, we need the help and support of the local community! To support these efforts financially, please click on the button below. 


About the SFPGA Foundation
The South Florida PGA Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded to support the South Florida community, with a focus on junior golf, education and scholarships, and charitable gifting. The South Florida PGA Foundation falls under the direction of the South Florida PGA, a not-for-profit organization comprised of over 1,800 men and women PGA Professionals serving as the experts in business and the game of golf. In 2004, the South Florida PGA Foundation began operations as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded to support the South Florida community.



Q: When was the SFPGA Foundation created?
A: The SFPGA Foundation was created in 2004, to support junior golf, scholarships, education and charitable gifting. Since its inception, the Foundation has grown over 460% impacting the lives of more than 8,500 individuals throughout the south Florida community.

Q: What is the mission of the SFPGA Foundation?
A: The mission of the South Florida PGA Foundation and its PGA Professionals that are dedicated to serve the south Florida community hope to change lives through the game of golf. This includes junior golf programs, adaptive & diverse golf programs, scholarships, and provide charitable gifts for the south Florida community; utilizing the 1,850 PGA professionals of the South Florida PGA to support these efforts.

Q: What programs operate under the umbrella of the Foundation?
A: Charitable Gifting – Annually, many charities with similar missions to our Foundation throughout south Florida receive grants from the SFPGA Foundation to help support their programming; including but not limited to various junior golf associations. Click HERE  to see the complete list of recipients.

Habitat for Humanity – Each year our Foundation financially supports one home build/refurbishment with Habitat for Humanity. PGA Professionals are asked to volunteer their time to help with these projects and become more involved in their local community. Click HERE to see our most recent home build.

PGA HOPE – New in 2015, the South Florida PGA Foundation’s military pillar, PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) offers free golf instruction taught by trained PGA Professionals. In collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs, PGA HOPE introduces golf to Veterans with disabilities to enhance their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. Learning and playing the game of golf is a proven activity that has helped thousands of military Veterans assimilate back into their community through the social interaction the game of golf provides. Click HERE to hear some of the stories of HOPE.

Smiling Fore Life – Created in 2010, this program consists of SFPGA Professionals to visit local children’s hospitals weekly. These visits help bring golf into children’s lives who may be experiencing hardship and allows children an opportunity to forget their challenges and enjoy a fun, new activity. In addition to the great benefits the program provides to the children it also affords SFPGA Professionals the opportunity to get more involved in the local community. Click HERE now to see just how this program produces smiles.

Foundation Scholarship -- Developed in 2018, the SFPGA Foundation annually provides one local student with a four-year, $20,000 scholarship to assist with their college education. The student selected to receive the scholarship will receive it in $5,000 increments over the course of four years. To receive funding each year, additional paperwork including a copy of the student's transcript must be submitted to the SFPGA Foundation to ensure the student is performing at an acceptable level.  Click HERE now to meet our current recipients.

SFPGA Junior Challenge & Championship Tours -Two premiere membership-based junior golf programs providing competitive and fun tournament experiences for golfers with the aspirations and skill levels to compete at the high school and collegiate levels.

SFPGA Prep Tour – The Junior Prep Tour is our entry level tour for junior golfers from ages 9-18 who are looking to make the jump from the Links Tour and other entry level junior programs to the next level of competition.

SFPGA Links Tour – A fun, less stressful approach to tournament golf for junior golfers ages 6-14 with beginning level golf experience. 

Q: How are funds raised to support these programs?
A: The SFPGA Foundation annually conducts three Pro-Am’s to support Foundation activities throughout the year. These events serve as the Foundation’s primary fundraising activities thanks to the support of our corporate partner; Tire Kingdom.
Outside of golf events, funds are raised through public, corporate and member donations. The Foundation is extremely fortunate to have great friends in the community who believe in the mission and annually look to support our cause, including our Trustees. New in 2019, Pat DePirro with Birdie Box became the Foundation’s first Trustee coming alongside the SFPGA Foundation for the next five years making a $10,000 donation annually.
Finally, our Foundation is supported by the Birdie Club a player performance-based fund drive to get Junior Tour members involved in community outreach. Through an interactive and fun approach, this program helps juniors gain a greater sense of pride and accomplishment beyond their performance during Junior Tour events. For every birdie a Junior Tour Player makes in a SFPGA Junior Tour event, a sponsor will donate their pledged amount, assisting that player’s chance in winning. Click HERE now to learn more about Birdie Club.

Q: How can you get involved?
A: Individuals can volunteer at a Junior Golf event, a HOPE graduation, or assist on a Habitat for Humanity home build day. Outside of volunteering time, individuals can participate in one of the two Pro-Am’s held annually, or conduct a golf marathon.
To volunteer with our Section’s programming click HERE now to email the appropriate staff.
To conduct a golf marathon or to participate in a Pro-Am click HERE now to email the appropriate staff.

For any more information or additional questions, please contact Meredith Schuler at or 561-729-0544.