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Career Corner

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With Kathy Grayson

The South Florida PGA Career Corner is brought to you by Kathy Grayson. Each month Kathy highlights a new topic directed at helping PGA Professionals in their career. Click on the links below to learn more about each topic!

May - Succeeding in a New Job
You did it! You successfully navigated through the grueling stages of personal branding, polishing your resume, practicing your interview techniques, and wowing the committee into hiring you after days of salary negotiations. Unfortunately, the hard work has just begun, so do not get complacent!

June - What is Spark Hire and Why You Need to know
More than 3,000 companies, including PGA Career Services (Advanced Search), have turned to Spark Hire to conduct initial video screening interviews. Spark Hire requires a Google or Chrome-based system accessed through the Internet. The system requires the end-user to have a computer with a camera, or smartphone to interface with the program.

July - Bridging the Generational Gap
Today’s workforce and golf clientele are increasingly diverse and for the first time in history, span across five generations including Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and the rising Centennials. Also, the unemployment rate across all industries is at an all-time low; thus, organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to hire and retain employees who are motivated, produce quality work, and are loyal to the company.

August - Hiring Tips
As kids head back to school and the weather begins to cool in the north, we are reminded that season is right around the corner and it's time to assemble a competent and engaging staff! As you begin the hiring process, keep in mind it is often more important to hire employees with good "character traits" than those that possess the "skills" you think you need. Remember, skills can be taught, but character and personality cannot. 

September - The Importance of "Stay Interviews"
Hours of time and effort go into hiring, training and grooming employees before an organization begins to see a return on their investment. So, as a manager, what are you doing to ensure you retain the best and brightest and not lose them to competitors? 

November - Maintaining Engaged and Motivated Employees
Summer is behind us and the busy season is about to unleash. The days are shorter, event calendars are full and members are flocking back to South Florida with high expectations of staff ready to go above and beyond daily. As a leader, what is your plan to keep your team motivated and excited for the next six months?

December - Work Smarter, Not Harder
Many managers subscribe to the adage that "staying busy" means you are working hard and on track to being more successful.  While this is true to some extent, jumping from one task to another with constant interruption usually results in stress, as well as essential projects falling through the cracks. 

June 2020 - Navigate the New Normal 
Improving performance, developing strategies, and creating value for PGA members, industry professionals, and employers are at the core of the Section and Career Services initiatives. We take seriously any opportunity to assist you in navigating towards your goals and long-term success.