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Team South Florida PGA Retains the Challenge Cup

October 17th, 2018

Earning 14 points over North Florida PGA’s 10, the 38th Annual Challenge Cup matches have concluded in a victory by team South Florida PGA. This two day Ryder Cup style event featuring four ball matches during round one, modified pinehurst matches during round two and singles matches in round three makes the end of a great season for both Sections.

This year’s matches were contested at The Old Collier Golf Club in Naples. In the team format, Player of the Year Andrew Filbert and Mike Valicenti paired well as they were victorious in both their matches during rounds 1 and 2. Senior Dan Heaslip proved his value to the team going undefeated during all three rounds of play.

We congratulate this year’s team captained by Danny St. Louis, PGA Director of Golf at The Breakers Rees Jones Course and comprised of PGA Professionals: Colin Amaral (The Country Club at Mirasol), Justin Bertsch (The Hideout), Andrew Filbert (Royal Poinciana), John Lee (Imperial Golf Club), Justin McCarraher (Fiddlesticks Country Club), Mark Mielke (High Ridge Country Club), Alan Morin (The Falls of the Palm Beaches), Patrick Rada (McArthur Golf Club), Mike Valicenti (The Country Club at Mirasol), Jeff Waber (Broken Sound Club – Old Course), Dan Heaslip (Windstar on Naples Bay) and Gene Fieger (Club Pelican Bay).

Both the North Florida PGA team and South Florida PGA team were outfitted by FootJoy. The next team competition for both Sections will be held in just a few short weeks, with the Senior Challenge Cup matches taking place October 31st and November 1st at Lakewood National in Lakewood Ranches.

Results from each match were as follows: 
Round 1 – Four Ball – NFPGA 3.5 vs SFPGA 2.5

 Bertsch/Rada v. Hronek/Mansfield - Hronek/Mansfield Won 6&4
 Bartolacci/Damesworth v. Lee/McCarraher - Bartolacci/Damesworth Won 1 UP
 Filbert/Valicenti v. Smith/Vervaecke - Filbert/Valicenti Won 6&5
 Cheesman/Borchert v. Mielke/Amaral - Match Halved
 McClimans/Perry v. Waber/Morin - McClimans/Perry Won 1 UP
 Fieger/Heaslip v. Frontero/Kulzer - Fieger/Heaslip Won 3&2

Round 2 – Modified Pinehurst – NFPGA 1.5 vs SFPGA 4.5
 Filbert/Valicenti v. Mansfield/McClimans - Filbert/Valicenti Won 3&2
 Cheesman/Bartolacci v. Rada/Waber - Rada/Waber Won 9&7
 Borchert/Damesworth v. Morin/McCarraher - Match Halved
 Fieger/Lee v. Kulzer/Smith - Fieger/Lee Won 2&1
 Hronek/Vervaecke v. Mielke/Amaral - Hronek/Vervaecke Won 2&1
 Frontero/Perry v. Heaslip/Bertsch - Heaslip/Bertsch Won 2 UP

Round 3 – Singles – NFPGA 5 vs SFPGA 7
 Mark Mielke, Lost City Golf Club v. Spencer Smith - Smith Won 1 UP
 Jon Mansfield v. Michael Valicenti, Country Club at Mirasol - Valicenti Won 1 UP
 Barry Cheesman v. Patrick Rada, McArthur - Rada Won 2&1
 Gene Fieger, Club Pelican Bay B/C v. Nick Frontero - Frontero Won 2&1
 Justin Bertsch, Hideout v. Rod Perry - Perry Won 2&1
 Dave Hronek v. Jeff Waber, Broken Sound Club - Old - Waber Won 1 UP
 Matt Borchert v. Alan Morin, The Falls Club - Morin Won 4&3
 Colin Amaral, Country Club at Mirasol v. Christian Bartolacci - Amaral Won 1 UP
 Daniel Heaslip, Windstar Naples Bay v. Keith Kulzer - Heaslip Won 6&5
 Justin McCarraher, Fiddlesticks v. Zach Vervaecke - McCarraher Won 4&3
 John Lee, Imperial GC v. Greg McClimans - McClimans Won 1 UP
 David Damesworth v. Andrew Filbert, Royal Poinciana- Pines - Damesworth Won 5&4