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New in 2015, the South Florida PGA Foundation’s military pillar, PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere), the flagship military program of PGA REACH, the charitable foundation of the PGA of America. In collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs, PGA HOPE introduces golf to Veterans with disabilities to enhance their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. Golf sessions are offered at NO cost to Veterans by South Florida PGA Professionals. Learning and playing the game of golf is a proven activity that has helped thousands of military Veterans assimilate back into their community through the social interaction the game of golf provides.

National Day of HOPE

With the approval of Public Law 380 on June 1, 1954; November 11th became a day to honor American Veterans of all wars. Later that same year, on October 8th, Army General and 34th President of the United States of America, Dwight D. Eisenhower, issued the first Veterans Day Proclamation, which which stated, "In order to insure proper and widespread observance of this anniversary, all Veterans, all Veteran's organizations, and the entire citizenry will wish to join hands in the common purpose [to honor Amercian Veterans of all wars]."

Here we are 66 years later in 2020, still honoring our American Heroes but instead of large parades and gathering, we are celebrating these brave men and women from our own homes and socially distanced gatherings. Virtually join us, starting October 1st and culminating on November 11th, 2020, to help make a difference in our military Veteran's lives. By joining or giving to this campaign, you will help PGA HOPE impact countless Veteran's lives through the continued use of the PGA HOPE program. 

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Day of HOPE

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Noteworthy PGA HOPE Instructors

Judy Alvarez, PGA - 2019 PGA National Patriot Award Recipient

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David McNulty, PGA - 2019 South Florida PGA Section Patriot Award Recipient

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  Allen Manguson - 2020 South Florida PGA Section Patriot Award Recipient


South Florida PGA HOPE Ambassador
Mary Anderson-Kokell


Army Specialist, Mary Anderson-Kokell was selected to represent south Florida as a PGA HOPE Ambassador for the life-changing program Helping Our Patriots Everywhere. Mary participated in one of the first PGA HOPE programs in 2015. Since then, Mary has proven the life-changing power of PGA HOPE. Mary was selected based on the impact this program had on her life and the impact she had on her fellow veterans. Mary participated in the inaugural National Health & Wellness Week in presented by PGA REACH in Washington DC. Each participating Veteran received a specially designed golf and wellness tool kit that included golf training tips, exercises and other recommendations for healthy living. Each new PGA HOPE Ambassador will now represent their respective PGA of America Section and support their fellow Veterans in communities across the country during PGA HOPE clinics and training programs.



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“The PGA HOPE Program has been beneficial to so many veterans in so many ways. Being a recreation therapist for 32 years, I know the benefits of sports and recreation. It is when a veteran sees the benefit of participating that changes their lives. This program allows veterans an opportunity to work with one another with the built-in comradery they share in a community environment. Getting out of the house, interacting with others and learning or re-learning a leisure skill can change a veteran’s whole outlook on things and break a cycle of isolation, boredom, low self-esteem and inactivity. The natural environment of a golf course and the caring and compassionate PGA instructors who interact with the veterans each week provide therapy to these veterans on many levels. I’m fortunate to partner with such an organization in fulfilling the needs of our disabled veterans.”

- Eileen Jones, Former Chief of Recreation Therapy at West Palm Beach VA 
“The [PGA HOPE] Golf Program was inspiring to meet fellow vets and PGA Professionals. The Veterans are fortunate to have such an opportunity, outside of the box of a typical PTSD therapy session. It gave us a chance to get out of the house and enjoy not only the sport but the beautiful greenery, blue skies and awesome surroundings. Mentally and physically the program was rewarding and gave us other venues to relieve depression and socialize with others. The sponsors from the VA and PGA HOPE program were sensitive, caring understanding and very supportive to each of the Veteran’s physical and mental health challenges. It was beyond the general support group, but rather a feeling of normalcy on networking and healing at the same time. Thank you!”

- PGA HOPE 2016 Participant
“The PGA HOPE program has been spectacular for me and everyone I know that’s gone through it. I used to play golf and I hadn’t played for some years. And I didn’t think I’d ever play again because I had lost my leg. I found out about this program and John Moscoso (one of the PGA Professionals) was the first one to work with me. I got the call asking if I would volunteer, and I had the time to do it… and that’s what I have been doing ever since. It’s been very rewarding working with other veterans. It’s allowed me to get back into the sport I started when I was 10 or 11 years-old. And it feels good to be out playing… and it’s very satisfying watching these [new participants] grow in the sport. Eventually we hope to have our tournaments together.”

- Julian Newbauer, PGA HOPE 2015 Participant


Extra Golfing Opportutnities 

One of the purposes of PGA HOPE is to inspire a lifelong interest in golf for our participating veterans. To foster growth in their new skills and love for the game, we coordinate with local PGA Professionals to provide extra golfing opportunties to our participating and graduated veterans. We plan to list some of these opportunites here below once we organize all of the information provided.                                          

National Golfing Opportunities for PGA HOPE Graduates

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Media Coverage

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Watch media coverage of our most recent annual fundraising event, PGA HOPE Classic, which raised over $55,000 for PGA HOPE.

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Read the story of how our very own Judy Alvarez, PGA has changed the lives of veterans on a local and national level: 

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