New in 2015, PGA Hope is a program designed to provide local military veterans with an opportunity to learn the game of golf as form of rehab from local PGA Professionals. PGA HOPE provides golf as a therapeutic rehabilitation tool for all military Veterans. The lifetime sport of golf has proven to be an excellent outlet for activity and competition but also allows military to assimilate back into their community through the social interaction the game provides. 
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Upcoming PGA HOPE programs:

  • PGA HOPE Coral Springs - Coral Oaks Golf Course
  • PGA HOPE Fort Myers - Alico Family Golf
  • PGA HOPE Miami - The First Tee of Miami
  • PGA HOPE Palm City - Monarch CC
  • PGA HOPE WPB - John Prince Golf Learning Center


Host sites for HOPE programs conducted throughout South Florida in 2018:

Cape Coral
Fort Pierce
Fort Myers
Palm City
Palm Beach Gardens
Port St. Lucie





“The PGA HOPE program has been spectacular for me and everyone I know that’s gone through it. I used to play golf and I hadn’t played for some years. And I didn’t think I’d ever play again because I had lost my leg. I found out about this program and John Moscoso, one of the PGA pros was the first one to work with me. I guess because of my background with golf when I was younger, I got a call from John after the first program I went through it… I got the call asking if I would volunteer, and I had the time to do it so I said sure. And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since for at least a year and a half or so. It’s been very rewarding working with these guys. It’s been a great experience, golf’s a great game, and you meet nice people. And it’s allowed me to get back into the sport I started when I was ten or eleven-years-old. And it feels good to be out playing… and it’s very satisfying watching these guys too, grow into the sport. Eventually we hope to have our own little tournaments together.”
- Julian Newbauer, PGA HOPE 2015 Participant
"The PGA VA Golf Program was inspiring to meet fellow vets and Golf Trainer Professionals. The Veterans are fortunate to have such an opportunity, outside the box of a typical PTSD therapy session.  It gave us a chance to get out of the house and enjoy not only the sport but the beautiful greenery, blue skies and awesome surroundings.  Mentally and physically the program was rewarding and gave us other venues to relieve depression and socialize with others. The sponsors from the VA and PGA Golf Hope Program were sensitive, caring, understanding and very supportive to each of the vets’ physical and mental health challenges.  It was beyond the general support group, but rather a feeling of normalcy on networking and healing at the same time. Thank you!”    -PGA HOPE 2016 Participant

"The PGA HOPE Program has been beneficial to so many veterans and in so many ways.  Many veterans question their ability to participate when referred to recreation therapy for this program, but after a few minutes of involvement I see their fears and apprehensions disappear.  Being a recreation therapist for 32 years, I know the benefits of sports and recreation.  It is when a veteran sees the benefit of participating that changes their lives.  This program allows veterans an opportunity to work with one another with the built in camaraderie they share in a community environment.  Getting out of the house, interacting with others and learning or re-learning a leisure skill can change a veteran’s whole outlook on things and break a cycle of isolation, boredom, low self-esteem and inactivity.  Not only are there so many physical benefits, but the psychological and emotional ones are key to many.  The natural environment of a golf course and the caring and compassionate PGA instructors who interact with the veterans each week provides therapy to these veterans on many levels.  I’m fortunate to partner with such an organization in fulfilling the needs of our disabled veterans." 
-Eileen Jones, Chief of Recreation Therapy at West Palm Beach VA

Extra Golfing Opportutnities 

One of the purposes of PGA HOPE is to inspire a lifelong interest in golf for our participating veterans. To foster growth in their new skills and love for the game, we coordinate with local PGA Professionals to provide extra golfing opportunties to our participating and graduated veterans. We plan to list some of these opportunites here below once we organize all of the information provided. 

   9 Hole Golf on Sundays at Monarch CC
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Free Golf Every Monday
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Discounted Rounds of Golf and Practice Facility Useage
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   - Click here for information on an upcoming Putting Green Fundraiser

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