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SFPGA Supports Children's Hospitals With Holiday Toy Drive

January 15th, 2021

This year, the South Florida PGA hosted a Holiday Toy Drive throughout the south Florida section, supporting five child healthcare facilities and providing smiles through troubling times.

On January 14, the Southeast Chapter Officers spent the morning dropping-off collected toys for the children of Palm Beach Children's Hospital. PGA Professionals throughout the chapter contributed to the virtual wish list and the in-person toy drive throughout the holiday months.

"If it weren't for generous donors like the South Florida PGA, we wouldn't have anything to give out to our kids all year-round," said Pediatric Office Manager Lisa Barron during the toy drop-off.

Lisa continued, "And who doesn't want a toy all of the time? So, thank you so much for the support of all of our kids." 

Many thanks to all of the PGA Professionals who contributed to this virtual and in-person toy drive for many well-deserving children. 

If you wish to support special opportunities such as this, please visit our website here.