2018 GolfPasses are now on SALE and this year we are celebrating 24 years!

Why should you buy the SFPGA GolfPass?
The South Florida PGA GolfPass is the best summer playing program in south Florida providing discounted rates at more then 200 golf facilities.

Who is participating in the program?
To view a complete list of who participates in the GolfPass program and what type of rates you can obtain click here.

Pricing Details 

  • $45 GolfPass RENEWAL ONLY / $125 Total Golf Experience renewal (The Breakers Rees Jones Course) - for details about the TGE at The Breakers Rees Jones Course click here
  • $50 – GolfPass New Member / $130 Total Golf Experience non-renewal
  • 4 or more - $46
  • 8 or more - $44 each ($184)
  • Corporate Rate- $35 / $40 spouses. Must be organization/association approved by the South Florida PGA with minimum order of 25. Must submit at one time /orders must be faxed or emailed to South Florida PGA.
  • College and Faculty Rate: $35 
  • League Rate – $42 group of 12-24 / $40 group of 25+ must submit at one time/orders must be faxed or emailed to South Florida PGA.
    • ALL orders of 5 or more much be faxed or emailed in, cannot be done online or over the phone
Holiday renewal program (NOW – JANUARY 31st ONLY)
  • Renew before Jan 31st: $5.00 savings ($45)
  • Renew before Jan 31st & recruit new member: $10 off ($40+50=$90)
  • Renew before Jan 31st & recruit 2 new members: $20 off ($30+$100=$130)
  • Renew before Jan 31st & recruit 3 new members: $50 off (free+$150=$150)  
Total Golf Experience at The Breaker Rees Jones Course
  • $125 RENEWAL / $130 NEW MEMBER – 2018 GolfPass Book plus the following coupons:
    • If choosing this package they will receive the following coupons to play the Breakers Rees Jones Course twice:
      • 1 pre-paid coupon valid now through January 31st - pay nothing onsite
      • 1 point of sale coupon valid now through April 30th have to pay $75 onsite
Methods of Purchasing
  • Click here to BUY NOW
  • Call (561) 729-0544
  • Mail in your application found in the GolfPass Brochure to:
    • South Florida PGA / 186 Atlantis Blvd. / Atlantis, FL 33462

Methods of Payment

  • Credit Card - Discover / Visa / Mastercard / AMEX
  • Check – when ordered via mail, at a retail facility or SFPGA Section Office
  • Cash – when ordered at a retail facility or SFPGA Section Office ONLY

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